Clara Heaton

A bit about my process,

I have had confidence of different degrees during my relationship with oil painting. As well as, within my metaphorical commitment to the vertical and the horizontal line. It began as a rule in which to apply oil paint and learn how mediums interacted/responded on canvas or board. I identify the vertical line to spirit, or the intangible existence of energy, emotion, process, will, etc. Spirit is represented with the application of oil paint. The horizontal line is tied to all things tangible, I identify as matter with paper. 

During my BFA education, I was introduced to the early work of painter Piet Mondrian, and studied his famous establishment of the De Stijl movement. I mimicked his conceptual approach by merging my subject matters emotional presence and physical space in a process that embodied their essence. This cannot be referenced from a picture, so tolerant models were a necessity, as well as my personal relation to said subject matter. However, the struggle I faced with this practice was finding subject matter I was compelled to have this painting conversation with. Through the mentorship of Salam and greatly referencing my experiences working 7 summers as camp counselor, I concluded I cannot confine "mountain top moments" to a representational scene or being. I wanted to break down the process of a bigger presence than just myself or a subject matter. This began my exploration of pure abstraction.

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